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Women African Handmade Casual Footwear Yellow and Black Pattern

Infuse a bit of striking handiwork into your look with the Women’s Handmade African summer Flat Slippers. These handmade slippers are imported from East Africa and made by local tribesmen and women crafted from natural leather with a rubber outsole and lined with smooth, brown leather, these gorgeous flat slippers feature a flawless beaded detail that you’ll love.
$25.00 $29.99

Blue and Black Beautifully Crafted Women African Handmade Casual Wear Slippers

The elegant, lovely slippers are perfect for wearing at an event or showing your love for the latest trendy fashion look. Enjoy high-end quality, elegant slapper, at a low price point. This classic slapper could be your ticket to getting that great reaction you are looking for without breaking the bank!
$30.00 $32.50

Green and Gold Swan Wine Holder

Every winter, or just after Thanksgiving is over, holiday cheer immediately spreads around the world. Kids anticipate Santa Klaus leaving them with all the gifts off their wish lists, and Adults lose sleep as their kids wake them up too early.
$6.00 $55.30

Hand painted vase with animal and tree theme

Vases are something that is admired and adored by all genders and the very love knows no cultural bounds as well. Whether you live in West or East, North or South, Vases are always cherished. These decoration pieces add to the beauty and aesthetics of the house. You can adorn your dining table, your kitchen, any special corner in the house, shelves, office tables and whatnot.
$6.00 $29.35

Wrought Iron Goblet Hanger and Wine Holder

Wine Holders along with a glass hanger just the perfect gift for your near and dears. The glass hanger is not only a unique gift, but it is something that is always needed in any household. You can choose this beautiful wine rack gift to give to your friends on their birthdays, and even at their housewarming events. This particular wine holder gift looks splendid with the wrought iron finish giving it a classic feel with a Wine Holder at the bottom. The entire stand looks stunning with delicate details and fine craftsmanship. You can hang four goblets on this stand and one wine bottle at the bottom. The stand is a perfect tabletop and can be decorated on your center table, or your drinking nook.
$6.00 $33.29
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