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Abstract Kissing Couple

These housewarming gift are something that is admired and adored by all genders and the very love knows no cultural bounds as well. Whether you live in West or East, North or South, They are always cherished.
$100.00 $18.30

African Ebony Maternity Carving

The genre of hand-made carvings that is mother-and-child art is rich in its symbolism of the importance to African people about maternity. These types of sculptures represent the concerns of motherhood and fertility, it is divine.
$100.00 $38.90


This decoration item consists of a single African Mother and her kids oozing grace, splendor, and hard work at the same time. This female handcrafted sculpture is more like a dedication and inspiration of the hard work women put in to go about the daily chores and love for their kids.
$120.00 $135.60

Antique Brass Cast Metal Art Sculpture

Housewarming gifts are probably the most difficult ones to find. Finding the perfect gifts for new homeowners that will match a house’s aesthetic and please the eye of the owner takes a lot of careful deliberation. Fortunately, you have got the perfect gift in the form of this beautiful metal art sculpture. The metallic piece is a sight to behold with its bold lines and curvy stature extending from bottom to top. With a rustic, vintage look, the metal art will add to the beauty of the space.
$20.00 $55.47

Antique Carved Chess Table

A chess table for chess lovers is more than a perfect gift. Moreover, an antique chess board table is no less than a jackpot for the receiver. This antique carved chess table has many qualities that makes it stand out among the rest and thus a perfect gift to surprise your loved ones.
$30.00 $280.79

Antique Centuries Old Train Gift

Finding the perfect ornament for someone’s happy place requires a lot of homework. You need to know what type of ornament would suit their corner, what should be the color and other dimensions. But worry not because antique resin ornaments are always welcomed!
$6.00 $20.90

Antique Confection Ship Model

Sailor or not, this miniature confection ship makes for a perfect nautical gift for your loved ones. Whether you like sea or not, you will surely fall in love with this ship. The beautiful vintage design, exquisite detailing and fine craftsmanship of the ship make it one-of-a-kind present for any occasion. The monumental confection sailing ship is inspired from “Confection ship,” ships that were used in the 1700s to transport sugar across the world. The ship will go well with all kinds of style. Be it a living room, guest room or office, the ship model will add to the beauty of the space, bringing a nice, ocean-y look.
$30.00 $29.40

Antique Ebony Wood Sculpture

This antique wooden art sculpture is a reflection of the older times. The ebony wood sculpture is a perfect gift for art lovers and for the ones who love to appreciate history and ancient people. The sculpture consists of four figurines clamped on one broad circular base. Moreover, the addition of flask and axe reflect those harder times and the high spirit of those people.
$30.00 $205.68

Antique Gold Dancing Lady Decor

If you are an art enthusiast and love sharing your interest with the loved ones around you, then this art piece is a must-have. Not only does it make for a great gift for art lovers but is also incredibly stunning for a decoration piece in your own home. The Dancing lady on the piece bring out that artistic touch which makes it one of the best gifts for artistic people.
$30.00 $18.90

Antique Housewarming Gift

These housewarming gift are something that is admired and adored by all genders and the very love knows no cultural bounds as well. Whether you live in West or East, North or South, They are always cherished. These decoration pieces add to the beauty and aesthetics of the house. You can adorn your dining table, your kitchen, any special corner in the house, shelves, office tables, and whatnot. This housewarming gift is a great option to be chosen as a housewarming gift for your loved ones.
$20.00 $19.60
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