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Blue and Black Beautifully Crafted Women African Handmade Casual Wear Slippers

The elegant, lovely slippers are perfect for wearing at an event or showing your love for the latest trendy fashion look. Enjoy high-end quality, elegant slapper, at a low price point. This classic slapper could be your ticket to getting that great reaction you are looking for without breaking the bank!
$30.00 $32.50

Blue and Golden Royal Swans

Choosing the right gift for your loved ones is always a tricky one. You need a lot of thinking and rethinking to finally decide on one thing. There are many options like jewelry items, antique pieces, decoration pieces, books, and so on. However, decoration pieces are always a good option because they are not only beautiful but they also add to the beauty of the place where they are displayed.
$20.00 $25.73

Classical Blue Color Design Bag

Thinking of gifting something to your female friend. Nothing can go wrong with a big tote bag. Girls always love bags and there is never ever a time when they are happy with their collection. They always want more. So, what are you waiting for? Gift this stupendous African Tribal Art Inspired Tote and it is a win-win.
$20.00 $19.60

African Handmade Dreamy Blue Necklace And Hand Set

She is in love with nature, and the plants willingly compliment her wherever she goes. She is healthy and hopeful, like her Necklace. The vibrant and earthy color blue represents nature, prosperity, balance, and hope. It is highly associated with success. She understands that the world is in her hands. This alluring necklace comes with a blue handset that complements each other pleasantly. Blue does not clash with emerald, they are classy and elegant and work together well.
$20.00 $25.70

Blue Lady Shoulder Bag WIth Silver Stripe

Fashionable and modern, a beautiful vintage, handmade Blue Lady Shoulder cross-over bag. It’s smaller than many modern bulky backpacks, yet large enough to fit your smaller necessities for immediate access. When you find yourself with either no pockets or little clothing storage, this elegant bag will add to your voguish sense of style, while holding your belongings. Simply strap it over your shoulder and you’re ready to go.
$35.00 $34.30
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