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Vintage hand carved African crocodile figurine

A crocodile figurine is a perfect gift for animal lovers especially, someone who loves reptiles. This wooden figurine of a crocodile is daunting yet it would be appreciated and acknowledged. The crocodile figurine is made of dark wood with its sharp tusks showing the wrath of a crocodile with some hints of red dried blood. This vintage hand-carved crocodile can be a great option for you to gift someone who has a liking for the crocodile family. The figurine is simple in its shape with detailed imaging.
$25.00 $47.60

Antique Carved Chess Table

A chess table for chess lovers is more than a perfect gift. Moreover, an antique chess board table is no less than a jackpot for the receiver. This antique carved chess table has many qualities that makes it stand out among the rest and thus a perfect gift to surprise your loved ones.
$30.00 $280.79

Carved Zebra Sculpture

Zebras are mammals of high fashion. They are born into it, and wow others with their gallantly striped fur coats. They’ve inspired many trends among us humans, and their fur patterns are unique to them. No Zebra owns the same fur coat, as they are all distinct. They may be notorious for their looks but they are also highly intelligent, and skilled, running in zig-zag patterns to escape prey, and being able to locate sources of food and water.
$30.00 $17.99

Magnificent African Animals Carved Structure

This magnificent African Traditional Wooden Craft ‘Soulmate’ is the perfect piece to brighten up your office or home. It is beautifully and carefully carved and would make the perfect gift for that special someone. They are a beautiful representation of the beauty and uniqueness of Africa and its magnificent animals. The decorative piece is among the best art sculptures and will enhance the beauty of the place in which it is going to be decorated. You can buy this sculpture to gift at housewarming events, birthday events, and other celebrations.
$89.00 $86.33
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