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Colorful Beautifully Crafted Women African Handmade Casual Slippers

The elegant, lovely slippers are perfect for wearing at an event or showing your love for the latest trendy fashion look. Enjoy high-end quality, elegant slapper, at a low price point. This classic slapper could be your ticket to getting that great reaction you are looking for without breaking the bank! You can give it to your girlfriend, wife, daughter, mother, or friend to show your love and care. This pair of slappers will remind her always as it's close to her heart.
$20.00 $31.25

Colorful Female Necklace

She is in love with nature, and the plants willingly compliment her wherever she goes. She is healthy and hopeful, like her jewelry. The vibrant and earthy multi-color represents nature, prosperity, balance, and hope. It is highly associated with success.
$20.00 $19.60
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