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Red Gold Beautifully Crafted Women African Handmade Casual SummerSpring Slippers

The elegant, lovely slippers are perfect for wearing at an event or showing your love for the latest trendy fashion look. Enjoy high-end quality, elegant slapper, at a low price point. This classic slapper could be your ticket to getting that great reaction you are looking for without breaking the bank! You can give it to your girlfriend, wife, daughter, mother, or friend to show your love and care. This pair of slappers will remind her always as it's close to her heart.
$20.00 $34.60

Antique Gold Dancing Lady Decor

If you are an art enthusiast and love sharing your interest with the loved ones around you, then this art piece is a must-have. Not only does it make for a great gift for art lovers but is also incredibly stunning for a decoration piece in your own home. The Dancing lady on the piece bring out that artistic touch which makes it one of the best gifts for artistic people.
$30.00 $18.90

Green and Gold Swan Wine Holder

Every winter, or just after Thanksgiving is over, holiday cheer immediately spreads around the world. Kids anticipate Santa Klaus leaving them with all the gifts off their wish lists, and Adults lose sleep as their kids wake them up too early.
$6.00 $55.30

Gold Resin Swan Wine Holder

Swans are known for being the epitome of gracefulness, elegance, and beauty. They perform diligently, as they can fly and swim at high speeds. Many of us aspire to be swans in our work, hobbies, and career. The swan is admired for its beauty, but it's not only a mammal of looks. They play a large role in the ecosystem, facilitating the flow of nutrients and oxygen in the ecosystem. However, don’t let their graceful appearance fool you, they become aggressive when protecting their young, and are loyal
$25.00 $31.70

Blue And Gold Telephone

Take calls the old-fashioned way, with this handsome Kettle Classic desk phone from Crosley, reproduced from 1930s designs to give your desk the ultimate noir. If that's not enough to put you on the case, the inside even features an honest, real mechanical bell!
$35.00 $34.30
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