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Vintage hand carved African crocodile figurine

A crocodile figurine is a perfect gift for animal lovers especially, someone who loves reptiles. This wooden figurine of a crocodile is daunting yet it would be appreciated and acknowledged. The crocodile figurine is made of dark wood with its sharp tusks showing the wrath of a crocodile with some hints of red dried blood. This vintage hand-carved crocodile can be a great option for you to gift someone who has a liking for the crocodile family. The figurine is simple in its shape with detailed imaging.
$25.00 $47.60

Vintage Ebony wood African Female Warrior Head Bust

This sculpture gift is a win-win for those who love to appreciate art and culture. The above Vintage Ebony wood sculpture is the manifestation of African female warrior. Her hair is neatly tied just like the ancient times with giant earring hanging down from her ears. The hair of this African warrior head bust is a reflection of those ancient times and culture.
$30.00 $45.80

Vintage Pink Elephant Keyholder

There is a fable that the elephant used to have a short bulgy nose, instead of their iconic long trunks. One day, an elephant had a child, and the baby elephant was very curious about all the animals and why everything worked. He continued to ask questions such as “What does the crocodile eat for dinner?” and he was told to go to a river full of them to find out. The baby elephant went to this greasy river, and a crocodile urged him to come closer.
$25.00 $24.50

Vintage Deer Wine Holder

The unique Vintage Deer wine holder is made of premium resin material, stable and durable. Freestanding on desk tabletop, wine cabinet. Great for home living room, bedroom, and office decoration. Fashion and creative, great gift for your friends or family and even someone special for occasions, holidays, etc. Whether it’s an intimate date night at home or a special dinner with treasured guests, display your carefully chosen bottle of red or white on this elegant deer wine holder. This solid metal wine holder is crafted from cast aluminum and iron and boasts flawless smoothness with carefully carved details.
$25.00 $36.75

Handcarved vintage wooden owl

If you are looking to gift something for a housewarming event or some inauguration, then we are here to help you. Get this hand-carved wooden owl figurine and surprise your friends and relatives with the best gift.
$30.00 $42.34
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