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Hand painted vase with animal and tree theme

Vases are something that is admired and adored by all genders and the very love knows no cultural bounds as well. Whether you live in West or East, North or South, Vases are always cherished. These decoration pieces add to the beauty and aesthetics of the house. You can adorn your dining table, your kitchen, any special corner in the house, shelves, office tables and whatnot.
$6.00 $29.35

Black Female Hand Crafted In Ebony Wood With Short Earrings

This sculpture gift is a win-win for those who love to appreciate art and culture. The Vintage Ebony wood sculpture is the manifestation of an African female warrior. Her hair is neatly tied just like the ancient times with giant earrings hanging down from her ears. The hair of this African warrior head bust is a reflection of those ancient times and culture.
$20.00 $50.36

Ebony Wood Horse with a Saddle and water FlaskBag

This dark antique wood horse is a great gift for those who love to keep animal figurines as decoration items. The horse is made of food with a saddle at the top and water flask at the back. The detailed arrangement on the horse makes it look like a travelling horse who covers miles and miles to take his owner across borders.
$30.00 $125.60

Antique wooden mortar and pestle with embossed scriptures

Antiquated wooden figurines are never out of trend. These decoration pieces add to the grace and aesthetic beauty of the house. The wooden mortar and pestle looks amazing with the embossed scriptures. The embossed scriptures appear more like an ode to the fighting warriors with their swords. This antique pair will look great on a corner where antiquated and vintage pieces are decorated.
$30.00 $30.90

Blue Lady Shoulder Bag WIth Silver Stripe

Fashionable and modern, a beautiful vintage, handmade Blue Lady Shoulder cross-over bag. It’s smaller than many modern bulky backpacks, yet large enough to fit your smaller necessities for immediate access. When you find yourself with either no pockets or little clothing storage, this elegant bag will add to your voguish sense of style, while holding your belongings. Simply strap it over your shoulder and you’re ready to go.
$35.00 $34.30
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