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Red Bull Team Handmade Wooden Clock

The New York Red Bulls is an American professional soccer club based in the New York metropolitan area. The Red Bulls competes in Major League Soccer (MLS) as a member of the Eastern Conference. The club was established in October 1994 with 3 Supporter Shield. This Soccer Clock for US League Heavyweight Red Bull is handmade with hard wood from a town in the East African nation of Kenya.
$55.00 $65.58

Antiquelooking Wooden Shark Sculpture

Gifts are a great way of expressing your feelings. They are a representation of your love for someone. Every gift is a symmbol of your thoughts for that person. When choosing a gift for someone special, you often pay extra attention to make sure that it conveys your feelings for the person. No matter your relationship or the occasion, a good gift will stay with them together and will remind them of your thoughtfulness and care for them. If you are having trouble finding an appropriate gift for someone special, look no more because this wooden shark sculpture is everything you need.
$30.00 $50.80

Wooden Ebony Dolphin Carving

Dolphins are highly intelligent aquatic mammals. There is a fable about a dolphin and a lion told amongst children. A lion comes to a dolphin and declares that because he is the king of the jungle, and the dolphin is the king of the marine animals, they should form a pact. The Dolphin agreed, but when time came and the lion wanted help for a war on land, the dolphin couldn’t come onto land, and had to help from in the water. The lion was enraged and said that the dolphin had betrayed his trust. The moral of this story is that sometimes the soul may be willing, but the flesh may not.
$30.00 $56.70

Wooden Elephant Statues

Animal figurines are always loved by anyone and everyone. They add to the beauty of the shelf or table or countertops on which they are placed. Moreover, a vintage animal statuette made of wood makes it all the more enchanting. You can surely choose an animal statue to gift your dear ones at their housewarming parties etc. This antique wooden elephant statue is seamless in its look with the ebony wood and hand detailing. Hand carving on the trunk gives it a flawless African elephant look. The calculated craftsmanship is evident with the legs, tusk, and ears made with perfect finesse.
$30.00 $135.90

Antique wooden mortar and pestle with embossed scriptures

Antiquated wooden figurines are never out of trend. These decoration pieces add to the grace and aesthetic beauty of the house. The wooden mortar and pestle looks amazing with the embossed scriptures. The embossed scriptures appear more like an ode to the fighting warriors with their swords. This antique pair will look great on a corner where antiquated and vintage pieces are decorated.
$30.00 $30.90
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