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Carved Zebra Sculpture

Zebras are mammals of high fashion. They are born into it, and wow others with their gallantly striped fur coats. They’ve inspired many trends among us humans, and their fur patterns are unique to them. No Zebra owns the same fur coat, as they are all distinct. They may be notorious for their looks but they are also highly intelligent, and skilled, running in zig-zag patterns to escape prey, and being able to locate sources of food and water.
$30.00 $17.99

Black and Brown Wooden Standing Zebra statue

The concept of Animal sculptures never gets old when it comes to designing your houses, hotels, or offices. They look attractive as well as classy wherever placed and enhance the beauty of the area. Whether it’s your dining table, bedside table, or the countertop of the kitchen, these unique pieces are one of the best choices you can go for. One of such antique figurines is this wooden standing Zebra.
$20.00 $19.40
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